Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana is a role-playing game by Nihon Falcom and a sequel to the Ys series. It is available to play on Nintendo Switch, PS 4, and Microsoft windows. The players who are demanding hacks for this game should read this post.

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GameGenreDeveloperPublisherThemesPlayers PerspectivesRelease DateGame Modes
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
NIS America
Nihon Falcom
Action, Fantasy
Third person
Jul 21, 2016
Single player, Co-operative

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Description

The plot is something like this- Adol named person is on Lombardia, a passenger ship, and it is headed to the continent of erdia from Xandria. The ship got attacked by a giant creature in the archipelagos of the great sea. The ship sinks into the sea.


When Adol opens his eyes, he finds himself on a cursed island named the Isle of seiren. As he searched for others, he met fisherman sahad nautilus and noblewoman laxia von Roswell and teamed up with them to find his fellows and find a way out of this Island.

In the meantime, he tries to discover what is the connection of a Mysterious girl, dana lclucia, which he saw in his dream and the connection of isle of seiren with her and Adol’s fate. Soon Adol meet other members- Hummel trabaldo, ricotta Beldine and expanded his team.


The game is played from the third-person perspective and controls multiple characters. Also, across the game player collects various materials by opening chests and defeating local wildlife. The material they collect can be crafted from items they can use in their journey. Also, they can get stronger weapons and healing items on their way.

So, this was the plot of the game, and if you want to learn to use cheat code in the US VIII Lacrimosa of dana, then the trainer is a website that lets you download free cheat files.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Trainer Options

1. Infinite health

Trainer cheat codes are the easiest way to unlock unlimited health points, and so press alt + num 1.

2. Infinite SP

The players using cheat code alt + num 2 can unlock infinite SP.

3. Infinite EX

Trainer hacks can be used to unlock infinite EX by pressing alt + num 3.

4. Max defense or Guard 

Press alt + num 4 to unlock the maximum guard or defense feature.

5. Max knockdown resistance

To become resistant to knockdown, press alt + num 5.

6. 100% critical rate

If you want to make the critical rate 100%, then press the alt + num 6 key.

7. 100% drop rate

The players can make drop rate 100% using cheat code alt + num 7.

8. One hit stun

The players can activate one-hit stun by pressing the alt + num 8 key.

9. Infinite stun duration

Make stun duration infinite by pressing alt + num 9.

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10. Super damage/ one-hit-kill 

The players who want to acquire a one-hit kill or super damage feature have to press alt + num 0.

11. Stealth mode

Stealth mode will prevent the player from enemy attacks, and to activate it, press alt + num . key.

12. Infinite exp

The experience of the players can be made unlimited using cheats- ctrl + num 1.

13. Infinite skill exp 

Make skill exp infinite by using trainer hacks- ctrl + num 2.

14. Infinite items

The players can get unlimited items in ys VIII Lacrimosa of dana using ctrl + num 3.

15. Increase players speed 

The player’s speed can be increased upon pressing Ctrl + num 4 key.

16. Super jump

The super jump feature allows players to cross obstacles and is beneficial. To activate it, press Ctrl+ num 5 key.

17. Decrease enemies speed

The enemy’s speed can be slowed down using cheat code- Ctrl + Num 6.

18. Infinite flash move duration

The players can unlock flash Move duration using the ctrl + num 7 key.

19. Infinite flash guard duration

By pressing Ctrl + num 8, you can activate the infinite flash guard duration.

20. Easy fishing or instant catch

To catch the fish with ease or to catch it faster, press the ctrl + num 9 key.

21. Max raid score

The raid score can be made maximum using cheat code- ctrl + num 0.

22. Exp Multiplier

Press ctrl+ num. Key to unlock and use exp multiplier.



The infinite item cheat code works when a player has more than one item. And some side quests need you to gather a particular amount of items, and you cannot complete the side quests if you enable this cheat code. Therefore, disable this option to be able to finish side quests.Infinite flash move duration or flash Guard duration- this cheat code will be disabled if you open different locations or enter the menu.The new trainer works for 64 but the version of Us VIII Lacrimosa of dana game. For players having game version 32 but shall download the old version of trainer cheat code.If you accidentally pressed any hotkey and want to disable it, press Ctrl + shift + home to disable it.

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Therefore, these are the different cheats and hacks for the Ys VIII Lacrimosa of dana game. In case you are a nongamer but still want to try the game and easily access different features of the game without much hassle, then using cheat codes will be an option for you.

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