How to start the witcher 3: wild hunt new game plus & what's different


New game + is the final slice of không tính phí downloadable content for The Witcher 3, but as some of you may already know, the game doesn"t do a great job of telling you how to use it. Indeed, in order lớn start a new game while carrying over your skills, equipment, và non-quest items, you need lớn follow a few specific steps. These steps make sense when you stop và think about it, but if you"re raring to lớn get going on a new adventure, we can see why you may get a tad confused. Fortunately we"ve detailed the necessary steps below, and hopefully, you"ll be hunting monsters all over again in no time.

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How to start New trò chơi + in The Witcher 3

Note: The first two steps of this guide bởi vì not apply to The Witcher 3 on PS5. New game + is part of the trò chơi right from the start.

Step 1: Make sure that you"ve got the newest update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt installed on your PlayStation 4. You"ll need it in order to use the New game + DLC.

If you"re unsure if you actually have it installed, simply press the options button on the PS4 dashboard icon for The Witcher 3, và press X on "check for update", which will commence downloading of the latest update if it"s not already installed.

Step 2: Visit the PlayStation Store and download the New game + DLC. You can easily find this by visiting The Witcher 3"s game page & clicking on "add-ons". This should bring up a danh sách of all available DLC, then it"s simply a case of clicking on "New game +" & hitting "download". Fortunately, it"s a pretty small download, so it shouldn"t take long to lớn finish & automatically install.

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Step 3: Start up The Witcher 3 & load your last saved game. This save needs khổng lồ be from after the main story"s ending. Once you"ve loaded it up, enter the options menu và save your game. This save tệp tin can now be used for your New game +.

Step 4: Quit back to lớn the game"s main menu & select "new game". From here, select your difficulty level và Witcher 2 save simulation as normal, and then a third option will present itself. When asked if you wish khổng lồ begin New game +, select "ON" and then choose the save file that you wish lớn use.

The Witcher 3 New game Plus - What carries over?

When you start New trò chơi Plus in The Witcher 3, the following things carry over from your completed save file:

Geralt"s levelAll unlocked skillsAll non-quest items, including all potions, food, materials, ingredients, and recipesAll weapons & armour in your inventory & in your stash

The Witcher 3 New trò chơi Plus - Are enemies stronger?

Yes, enemies are stronger in The Witcher 3"s new game plus. All enemies in the trò chơi will receive a cấp độ boost based on Geralt"s level. The same is true of recommended levels for quests.

The Witcher 3 New trò chơi Plus - vì you find better equipment?

Yes, the equipment that you find in new trò chơi plus will be of a higher level, so the gear from your old save will soon become obsolete. The same is true of witcher weapons and armour, which you can craft at much higher levels in new trò chơi plus — but you"ll need lớn hunt down the plans all over again.

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Have you started New game + in The Witcher 3? kiểm tra out our other The Witcher 3 guides, và then carry over all of your progress to lớn the comments section below.