The Amazing Spider


Not so amazing

Spider-Man games used to rule the roost when it came to licensed comic book properties. Spidey led the way in fact on the NES, and continued his streak into the SNES with classic brawlers like Separation AnxietyandMaximum Carnage, and one of my personal favorites — the 1995 cartoon adaptation.

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But ever since 2004’sSpider-Man 2, developers have struggled to recapture the magic of what it means to swing about in 3D. While I saw a lot of hope in the first Amazing Spider-Man game, there’s been an unfortunate drop in quality the second time around.


It’s tough to really call The Amazing Spider-Man 2a current-generation game — because it’s not. While the aforementioned consistent framerate is definitely a plus on the PS4, the game doesn’t look all that great, or detailed for that matter. The city feels relatively lifeless, and the UI and menus feel cluttered and a little too retro for their own good. A lack of polish isn’t doing Amazing2any favors.

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Peter’s old friend “Stan” returns from the first game, and this time we get to see him in the flesh operating his comic shop. It’s here that you’ll be able to access all of the game’s extras, including a training simulation, figurine collectibles, and real comic books that you can collect throughout the city. You can also opt to change out your costume in Peter’s room (pre-order bonuses range from the Venom Suit to Spider-Man’s Cosmic outfiit.

While it’s more than a lot of other open-world games offer, nothing is compelling enough to collect or pursue unless you reallywant to read those comic books. The sidequests in general (fighting petty criminals and taking pictures) are simply a bore, only rewarding you with a generic 10-second clip of the Daily Bugle heralding Spidey’s heroic actions. Whereas games like inFamous: Second Son, Saints Row IV, and Prototypeoffer up unique objectives and rewards to entice you into completing them (as well as a fun sandbox to romp in), Beenox dropped the ball here.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2isn’t a complete disaster, and I can easily see fans of Spidey enjoying it at a deep discount. It’s just a shame that Beenox somehow got worseat making Spider-Man games over time, and that the powers that be insist on rushing them as movie tie-ins. Somehow, someway — we will get our Arkhamof Spider-Man games again. Until then, you can just pick up a used copy of 2004’sSpider-Man 2.