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Papa’s Freezeria To Go!
Flipline Studios
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Papa’s Freezeria To Go! APK is a restaurant management game with a familiar motif but with a strange expression. Its highlight is colorful đáng yêu graphics.

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Introduce about Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

Introduce about Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

Selling ice cream on the beach is not as easy as you think


Papa’s Freezeria To Go is about a lovely little girl on her first day working part-time at a beachfront ice cream store. The first few days passed quite peacefully because not many customers knew about the store. Then summer officially came, she was busy all the time, which was different from the first few days. At this point, it seems that the game really begins.


Your main quest in this game is to manage the cold drink store. Each visitor will have sầu their own needs and requirements about the food and drink they want to lớn buy, the ingredients that should be in it, the things they don’t want to eat, & the things they absolutely cannot put in. You will need lớn listen, record all of them in detail, và then bởi vì the same as required within the time allowed. Then serve it khổng lồ customers in exchange for money and rewards.


Over time, the number of items in each ice cream processing area increases. You’ll see it get messed up. So just play slowly, slowly enjoy, but always keep your style and really focus on your work in each small stage, then you can succeed.

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There are up to lớn 85 different customers in the game. That means some of them will be VIP customers, loyal customers of the store. They will return with higher expectations và more complex requirements. Remember to take good care of this group of customers because they are also the main source of revenue and mark the store’s reputation và recommkết thúc your store lớn others.

Rewards for those who have a heart and dedication

You may do many things, but your goal is only one: make customers happy, get more new customers, earn a lot of money, level up quickly, unloông xã toppings & earn more customers for more money.


Doing your job well, dedicatedly, industriously, responsibly, and conscientiously, you will achieve sầu great rewards sometimes much more than you think. Sometimes there are very nice tips or không tính phí PR articles from the local newspaper in the area.

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Download Papas Freezeria To Go! APK không lấy phí for Android

The game has xinh đẹp graphics, vibrant colors, fresh, moderate tempo, which is not too fast, not too slow. In Papa’s Freezeria To Go!, there are too many levels to conquer. The task is overwhelming, making sure you will never rest your hand, & you will fall in love sầu with this simple game very soon.