Summon Night is one of those Japanese RPG series that hasn't really gained a foothold in the west, largely because most of the series has been left untranslated. Until 2015, the only titles that received English releases were spinoff games on Nintendo GBA and DS. Only recently did the small localization team at Gaijinworks decide to release a mainline game in the strategy RPG (or SRPG) series - Summon Night 5 for PSP - even well after the PSP had largely been retired.

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It seems that project was successful enough for Gaijinworks that now it's Summon Night 6's turn lớn get a localization. This title is a bit different, though. While the other Summon Night games fall in the same timeline of events, Summon Night 6 is less a sequel and more of a fan-service/festival game featuring most of the main characters from the rest of the SRPG series. That puts a small wrinkle in the character identity of the game when most western players are not familiar with the cast. 


Overall, I feel lượt thích my critiques of the combat system in Summon Night 5 largely carry over to lớn here. The gameplay stays pretty simple throughout, and the Normal difficulty is more-than-manageable the whole way through (you can change to lớn Hard and back at will). Most mission objectives, once again, mặc định to: 'defeat all units' or 'defeat the boss(es)', which is a little disappointing that mission objectives never get more creative than that.

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There are optional objectives in each mission as well, but they usually simply involve having a certain character kill enemies or preventing a character from getting KOed. I feel like keeping things so straightforward on this front is a bit of a missed opportunity. 

Most combat encounters in the game play so similarly to each other that I kinda felt like I was just going through the motions at times và no particular maps or battles stand out from the rest. That's not to lớn same the overall strategy systems in Summon Night 6 are poor. They are just missing the extra push lớn really become something truly great, so as it stands combat in the game is merely acceptable instead of remarkable. The lack of interesting & meaningful shake-ups in the chơi game make the repetitive chapter loop a little more frustrating.

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Summon Night 6: Lost Borders is a good enough SRPG that misses the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd. It doesn't excel in any particular facet, but it provides an interesting look for fans of the genre. If you can't get enough of SRPGs, give Summon Night a shot, but it's not going to lớn click for everyone.