to (cause something or someone to) move or change from one position or direction khổng lồ another, especially slightly:

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a group of workers who bởi a job for a period of time during the day or night, or the period of time itself:
Are you on the night shift or the day shift? (= do you work during the night period or the day period?)
When you shift the gears of a vehicle, you move them into different positions to lớn change the speed of the vehicle.

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the period that a person is scheduled to work, or a group of workers who work during the same period of time:
shift (sth) away from sth They have shifted the emphasis of the business away from traditional manufacturing.
The sales projections were over-optimistic và left them with $100 million of stock they couldn"t shift.
an agreed period of time during the day or night when particular employees work, in a factory, hospital, etc.:
on a computer keyboard, a key that changes the letter, number, or symbol that would normally appear when you press another key at the same time:
In that way, those who occupy veto points may be bought out, thereby allowing policy khổng lồ be shifted onto a new path.
An important part of the development of chemotherapy services has been the shift in administration and tư vấn for chemotherapy towards specialist nursing services.
Including too few elements would result in numerous unnecessary focus shifts whereas including too many elements would preclude real focus shifts.
This has been described as a shift from government khổng lồ governance: from representative khổng lồ participatory democracy.
There was another shift in the 1980s, due lớn the needs of uncertain reasoning in virtually all applications of expert systems, especially in medicine.