Koei's 10th Romance of the Three Kingdoms game doesn't vì chưng much lớn mark the occasion, but it still offers the same esoteric war strategy experience that keeps dedicated fans coming back time & time again.

By Greg Mueller on February 22, 2007 at 10:39AM PST

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms series is the Madden Football of console strategy games.Bạn sẽ xem: Romance of the three kingdoms x: english translation patch

Each year a new installment is released with slightly tweaked rosters, a few new music tracks, and maybe a couple of novel, off-the-field modes to play with. Despite the slight differences though, the actual chơi game never changes drastically, và the objective is always the same: lớn win the Super Bowl, which in the case of the Three Kingdoms games means to lớn unify ancient, war-torn China. Koei"s 10th Romance of the Three Kingdoms game doesn"t do much to mark the occasion, but it still offers the same esoteric war strategy experience that keeps dedicated fans coming back time và time again.

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There are 650 chất lượng officers in the game, and if that isn"t enough, you can create your own.

When you do set out khổng lồ conquer the land, you"ll get a break from the menus in the khung of a turn-based strategy battle system. You can choose to let the computer fight the battle and just wait for the results, but you"d be missing out on the best part of the game. Once you assign a force to attack a city, you"ll march to the city & a battle will commence. Lớn win a battle you have to lớn destroy the main gate of the city, destroy all of the enemy troops, or defeat the commanding officer. There is a 30-round limit khổng lồ fulfill one of these conditions, which keeps the battles from becoming tiresome. The turn-based battle system is similar to that of any other turn-based strategy trò chơi in that you move on a grid and attack enemies with various types of units. There"s a rock-paper-scissors dynamic to lớn the battles--foot soldiers are strong against archers, archers are strong against mounted soldiers, and mounted soldiers are strongest against foot soldiers. This makes for fairly well-balanced battles because it means a small force still sometimes has a chance against a much larger force. Once you breach the đô thị walls, the battle continues within the city, where you"ll have khổng lồ defeat any remaining enemies.

These are simple minigames, và for the most part your participation is voluntary.

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By winning duels & debates you can capture enemies, force a new diplomatic policy on another officer, or just increase your fame. The duels and debates are simple & usually brief, but they offer a welcome departure from the rest of the game.

Whether you"re in a duel, on the battlefield, in your castle, or just exploring the countryside, you won"t see much in the way of impressive graphics. The character portraits và backgrounds have a colorful hand-painted look, but the rest of the graphics are strictly utilitarian. But that works just fine for a strategy trò chơi where most of your time is spent reading text và checking stats anyway. There"s only so much that can be done khổng lồ dress up a thực đơn screen, so fancy visual effects take a backseat lớn the interface, which is perfectly acceptable for a trò chơi of this type.

The graphics aren"t great, but they"re functional for a strategy game.

The music & sound effects are also about standard for a Romance of the Three Kingdoms game. The soundtrack is appropriately dramatic, with heavy chanting & powerful war drums, but it"s kept subtle enough that you won"t realize it"s there until you find yourself humming one of the tunes. The sound effects are few and far between, và most take place during battle. You"ll hear the same few sounds over and over, but again they fit the need here, & they aren"t repeated khổng lồ the point of becoming annoying. There are no voice-overs in Romance of the Three Kingdoms X; the dialogue is text only.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms X may not be quite the grand, celebratory leap forward you might expect from such an anniversary, but in keeping the chơi game familiar Koei offers perhaps the best reward lớn the longtime fans who have kept the series alive for more than 15 years. This game probably won"t convert you if you aren"t already interested in the strategy or history of it, but if you can get past the bare-bones presentation, you"ll easily get wrapped up in the deep strategy và intriguing storyline this trò chơi has to offer.