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Jul 9, 2021

Version 1.5.0

All-new Mission Ignition ModeExplore an isl& transformed by advanced technology!Experience all-new tactical gameplay!The energy tech company, DynaHex, has transformed this entire island, hoping to lớn use the isl& as an experimental base & a stage for their latest scientific achievements. On this battlefield, you can enjoy a new combat experience, hone your skills through a range of diversified futuristic equipment, and utilize new transportation và material search methods made possible through new scientific facilities!All-new CityDynaHex has transformed the six major areas of the isl& inlớn the fields of military defense, energy utilization, transportation và logistics, and cutting-edge scientific retìm kiếm.- Transportation Hub (Pochinki)Pochinki has become the island's main transportation hub due lớn it's location and services.- Automated Port(Georgopol)Georgopol's advantages as a logistics hub are expanded, as a new central control station and scientific logistics warehouse are introduced, forming an efficient & advanced logistics port.- Tech Center(School)Once the school area, this facility is now is more directed at academic retìm kiếm & advanced exploration, and all the lathử nghiệm scientific research results và cutting-edge technologies will be displayed here. In terms of gameplay, this zone consists of many passages & structures, allowing for intense but varied conflict possibilities.- Security Center (Military Base)This military base is responsible for monitoring security & providing armed tư vấn to lớn the whole island. The island's complete monitoring & rapid response facilities can be found here.- Logistics Center (Yasnaya Polyana)The logistics center serves as an important distribution center for materials entering the island. The goods & materials transported from the port are logged and distributed khổng lồ the various areas of the island through advanced technological methods.- Energy Center (Power nguồn Station)Combining conventional and cutting-edge energy technology, the energy organization has established an Energy Center, to lớn provide a stable energy supply to lớn all civil & military buildings on the island.chơi Game Mechanics- Dynamic InfrastructureTransformed urban areas will feature dynamic moving mechanisms, such as elevators & automatic doors.- Air ConveyorCommand Centers have been established outside certain urban areas & bases. This special transportation service was established to allow security personnel khổng lồ quickly transfer và patrol in the air.Tesla CooperationThis isl&, transformed through advanced công nghệ, has attracted the attention of Tesla!Tesla's Gigafactory will appear on the bản đồ. After activating the switches of all the factory's assembly lines, the factory will start the production process for the Tesla Model Y. - Model Y + AutopilotThe Tesla factory's self-driving vehicle can utilize autopilot mode on roads, automatically navigating to map locations specified by players.- Tesla SemiA self-driving transport vehicle developed by Tesla. It will spawn randomly on rural roads và automatically run along specific routes. Players can khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage lớn the Tesla Semày to force its supply boxes khổng lồ drop & obtain combat supplies.All-new Season: Cycle 1—Season 1Starting with this version, we have officially added an annual season concept. An annual season consists of three seasons. Complete specific missions each season khổng lồ earn huge annual season rewards!