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By surrounding a space that cannot be penetrated with another culturally accessible và defined space, the nursery overwrites its infantile detainees with a legible text.
When the argument is first evaluated, the unevaluated expression is overwritten with the computed value, thereby sharing the result and avoiding recomputation.
Already, writers no longer produce manuscripts: early drafts of current work are electronically overwritten by later revisions.
The term (1/m) could represent a "theoretical maximum memory span," given a memory system subject to lớn overwriting.
The final change khổng lồ the signature of an abstraction is that, of course, we must now require that the code is never overwritten.
The generating code controls the order & number of the copies, và it overwrites certain operands in the template, called holes, with new values.
The program overwrites input đầu vào soundfiles, so that consecutive processing can be done without the use of additional storage, if the user so wishes.
As a result, there were almost no problems with memory leaks or overwriting during the development of the system.
When the value of the variable is required, the closure to lớn which it points is evaluated, & the closure is overwritten with the resulting value.
The update overwrites the thunk with a value, which therefore must also have a code pointer, because subsequent forces will re-enter the thunk-turned-value.
Updating a node may be performed by overwriting it with either a new node, or with an indirection pointing lớn an existing node.
The remaining ingredient is a way of making sure that the custom verification code of the abstraction will never allow the staông chồng to be overwritten.

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Higher level rules override the effects of lower rules, and thus the j2 mãng cầu pattern overwrites the effect of the 1 na pattern.
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