Why Didn'T Naruto'S Rasengan Beat Sasuke'S Chidori?

Naruto: 5 Jutsu Stronger Than The Rasengan (& 5 That Are Weaker) Naruto"s Rasengan is a powerful move, but it"s not the most powerful one that a ninja could learn how to use

The Rasengan is one of the most powerful known Jutsu in the world of Naruto and it is also one that makes its appearance quite often. This technique was invented by none other than the Fourth Hokage of Konohagakure, Minato Namikaze. Since then, it has become a legacy of sorts that"s been passed down from one generation to the other. Famously, it became Naruto"s de facto signature move.

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While the Rasengan may be very powerful, it is definitely not the strongest known Jutsu out there. In fact, it isn"t even a complete Jutsu, meaning many others out there exist that can prove to be much deadlier than this technique. Here are 5 Justsu from Naruto that are stronger than the Rasengan and 5 more that are weaker.

The Rasenshuriken is a Jutsu that Naruto Uzumaki created. It is derived from the Rasengan and is essentially a complete version of the said technique. Since the Rasengan is incomplete and needs a nature type added to it become stronger, it can"t be called the perfect Jutsu.

One the other hand, the Rasenshuriken is what becomes to the Rasengan when wind release nature is added to it. It is much stronger and deadlier than the Rasengan and can also take down the strongest of enemies in just one hit. Truly, the Rasenshuriken is menacing.

Like the Rasengan, the Chidori is an iconic Jutsu that has been seen throughout the run of Naruto. It was developed by none other than Kakashi Hatake while practicing to add his nature to the Rasengan. Although strong, the Chidori doesn"t really hold up well against the Rasengan, as seen when both Naruto and Sasuke tried out their Jutsu during the original series.

The Rasengan can also be made into better Jutsu, such as Big Ball Rasengan, or the Ultra Big Ball Rasengan, making it even harder for a technique like Chidori to match it.

Kirin is a Jutsu that"s been developed by Sasuke Uchiha during this training with Orochimaru in the time-skip. It is a lightning style based Jutsu that allows the user to summon a thunderclap instantly and completely destroy the opponent. Being a technique that"s way too powerful than a normal Jutsu, the Kirin needs preparations for the formulation of the perfect atmosphere to be used.

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However, once the preparations are complete, it proves itself to be a magnificent Jutsu strong enough to burn down islands. When compared to the Rasengan, it is easy to see that the Kirin is far superior.

7 Weaker: Twin Lion Fists

The Twin Lion Fists is a type of Jutsu that enhances the Taijutsu capabilities of the user. It was created by Hinata Hyuga sometime during her training and it was debuted during her fight against Pain. Unfortunately, this Jutsu has barely ever been used and its full capabilities aren"t known.

Strong as it may be, it is preposterous to assume that it"ll be stronger than the Rasengan, a Jutsu that can even tear through mountains. Hopefully, we"ll see this Jutsu properly during the Boruto series through either Hinata"s son Boruto Uzumaki, or her daughter, Himawari Uzumaki.

The Susanoo is a Jutsu of the Uchiha clan available to those who have unlocked the power of the Mangekyo Sharingan in both the eyes. The first person to use this Jutsu in Naruto was Itachi Uchiha, although others before him could use it as well, such as Madara Uchiha.

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The Susanoo grants the user the ability to create a humanoid out of their chakra that protects them and attacks on their behalf, giving them a great defense and offense at the same time. It can hold protect against the Rasengan with ease and at the same time, also attack with much more ferocity.

5 Weaker: Fire Ball Jutsu

Another Jutsu of the Uchiha clan, the Fire Ball Jutsu is a technique that is used by almost all of their members. An Uchiha usually starts practicing it at an early age and thus gain great mastery over this by adulthood. Itachi Uchiha could perform this Jutsu just by seeing it a few times and thus, by adulthood, his usage of this Jutsu is quite as advanced.

Strong as it may be, the Fire Ball Jutsu isn"t as strong as the Rasengan and thus the members of the Uchiha clan learn other stronger Jutsu to compete better in fights. A technique like the Rasengan absolutely blows it away.

Also known as Hiraishin no Jutsu, the Flying Thunder God was invented by Tobirama Senju and later bettered by Minato Namikaze. This technique is classified as space-time ninjutsu that allows the user to put a seal on any surface and then teleport to it immediately.

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Someone like Minato could put it all over his Kunai and mark the entire battlefield with it. It earned him the moniker of the Yellow Flash and he became a feared shinobi primarily because of this Jutsu. As such, the Flying Thunder God is much more dangerous to us in battle than the Rasengan. It gives the user both offensive and defensive abilities.

3 Weaker: Shadow-clone Jutsu

The Shadow-Clone Jutsu is another technique that was invented by Tobirama Senju and it allows the user to multiply their body to create a clone of themselves. The chakra of the user is split in half in doing so, however, the power of the clone is quite high.

A standard Shadow-Clone Jutsu doesn"t let the user create many clones, however, an advanced technique, known as the multi shadow-clone Jutsu, allows the user to create thousands of clones at once. While the multi shadow-clone Jutsu might be stronger than the Rasengan, just one definitely isn"t enough to be stronger than the Rasengan.

Also known as Indra"s Arrow, this technique is Sasuke"s strongest known Jutsu in the series to date. It requires an extremely huge amount of chakra to perform, however, it"s power is great enough to destroy anything that"s in its path. When used against Naruto, it was strong enough to match two Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken by itself.

With that, it is obvious that its powers are much greater than that of the Rasengan. Indra no Ya is quite possibly one of the strongest Jutsu that we"ve seen in Naruto, maybe ever.

1 Weaker: Chakra Enhanced Strength

A Jutsu often used by Sakura Haruno and Tsunade Senju, Chakra Enhanced Strength allows the user to focus their chakra at a single point to enhance the power of all the physical attacks.

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While this technique is, undoubtedly, useful, it pales in comparison to the Rasengan, the strength of which can even tear through mountains. That"s not to say that Chakra Enhanced Strength is a weak technique. However, for it to surpass the Rasengan, the user needs to be at a much higher level.

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