An empire is torn by civil war. Beyond its borders, new kingdoms rise. Gird on your sword, don your armour, sumtháng your followers và ride forth to lớn win glory on the battlefields of Calradia.

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e1.7.2SingleplayerCrashesFixed a crash that occurred when a watched agent died while using the first-person camera.Fixed a crash that occurred when helping...

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Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0 9 Jun 2022

Beta e1.8.0SingleplayerCrashesFixed a crash that occurred on old saves.Fixed a crash that occurred when entering a village under raid.Fixed a crash that occurred...

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Patch Notes e1.7.2 27 May 2022

e1.7.2Lakiểm tra Changes:MultiplayerFixesAyzar StrongholdMoved flag B closer to lớn the attacker siege tower and added some barricades around itRemoved the ladder...


Mount và Blade II: Bannerlord is available khổng lồ purchase in Early Access. You can stay up khổng lồ date with development news by following our social media channels and by joining our diễn đàn community.


Why Early Access? “Early access is something that we are very familiar with: our first title, Mount & Blade, helped to lớn pioneer this method of release back in 2005. By working alongside our community we were able to deliver a chất lượng gaming experience that players still enjoy to this day. These past experiences have sầu taught us that it is vital khổng lồ bring players in to lớn help us iron out any issues và refine the game by utilizing feedbachồng khổng lồ bring it to the màn chơi that both our community và we expect. We are hoping khổng lồ run a productive sầu và efficient early access for M&B Bannerlord as well. However, due to lớn the nature and scale of game that we have sầu envisioned, there may be various problems or missing features và nội dung during the course of early access. Here are a few aspects you may need to know: Unique Maps for Towns, Castles and Village: Although we plan lớn create unique maps for every town & castle in the game, it is a rather arduous process lớn create that many well designed maps and as such, different locations may mô tả the same map during early access. Quest Content: A portion of planned quests may be missing entirely, and those in the game may be using placeholder maps, animations, etc. Balancing: Various aspects of the game may be poorly balanced. Parts of the game may be too easy or too hard. Voice overs: Since the game uses a lot of dynamic text and hundreds of NPCs, we are planning khổng lồ record voice-overs for only a limited submix of the dialog (greetings, companion introductions & main quest). Some of these planned voice overs may be missing or using placeholder versions during EA. Savegames: We will strive sầu to keep savegame compatibility during EA, however it may be technically infeasible to lớn provide 100% backward compatibility in savegames and you may occasionally have to lớn start a new game after updating to lớn a new version. Bugs & glitches: Although we strive lớn create a stable game experience, the game will be actively developed during early access và hence there will be a greater chance of bugs và glitches creeping up. It will of course be a priority to fix these. Localization: Our current plan is lớn localize the game inlớn the following languages: French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Latin American) & Turkish. Other languages may be added later. During EA, localizations for these languages may be missing entirely or may be incomplete. Multiplayer modes và features: The game currently supports several popular multiplayer modes, but we are planning khổng lồ add more modes and features, possibly including ranked matchmaking. Singleplayer Features: Several planned single player features may be missing or incomplete. These include but are not limited to: full game controller support, some skill & perk effects, crafting, some aspects of sieges, và clan, army and kingdom management.

Developing M&B Bannerlord has been, và continues lớn be a fabulous experience for us, & we are excited to lớn be walking the final phase of this journey together with our players. Of course, you may prefer to wait a little bit longer and hold off until the final, finished sản phẩm. In this case, please consider adding the game khổng lồ your wishlist and you’ll receive an tin nhắn when we release the full version.” Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access? “While we do not have a set date for a full release at this moment in time, we expect that the game will be in early access for around a year. Our focus is on ensuring that the game is fun and enjoyable rather than imposing a deadline that might have a negative sầu impact on the final sản phẩm.” How is the full version planned lớn differ from the Early Access version? “The early access version of the game contains a wealth of content that will keep players engaged for many hours. While the early access version is very much stable & playable, players can expect lớn run inlớn some obscure bugs and other issues while playing that we intover khổng lồ locate and fix before the full release. The early access version will be reusing scenes for different towns, may laông xã some supporting features, may have a limited number of quests, voice-overs, etc. and may laông chồng localizations for some languages. Throughout the course of the early access period we intover khổng lồ introduce the missing supporting features, such as, rebellions, kingdom creation và weapon crafting, while expanding and enhancing many of the existing features that are outlined below.” What is the current state of the Early Access version? “In terms of nội dung, the early access version of the game contains all of the main staples of the Mount & Blade experience, with a host of content that is new to the series. Players can create their own character using the game’s character creation system; explore the continent of Calradia; gather their own warbvà of troops; comm& và fight alongside their troops in large scale battles using the game’s extensive sầu command system và intuitive skill-based directional combat system; raid settlements; lay siege to lớn and capture enemy towns & castles; trade items và goods using the game’s deep economy system; engage in politics & diplomacy; manage their own clan; tăng cấp & manage settlements; gather armies và wage war; & much, much more... all in a vast singleplayer sandbox setting where no two playthroughs are the same. The early access version also includes fully supported multiplayer game modes for players lớn kiểm tra their combat skills and tactical prowess against players from all over the world.” Will the game be priced differently during & after Early Access? “There is no plan khổng lồ change pricing after early access.” How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process? “We intend to lớn use a range of different methods lớn gather player feedbaông xã & data throughout the early access period. These include engaging with users directly on our official forum and our Steam forum, requesting specific feedbaông xã through questionnaires, hosting and participating in multiplayer events alongside our community, & using analytics tools to lớn gather data.”