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Project Ember has always been about bringing kids’ wild ideas khổng lồ life through collaboration, persistence, & play! While we wait for our next opportunity lớn build big together in person, we"re delighted lớn bringour valueslớn life through a virtual camp experience in Minecraft. Our program is open to all experience levels from “I’ve-never-played” lớn Redstone-master.

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Well done! You really managed lớn capture some of Ember"s finest qualities <...> The collaborators were as warm and wonderful as they are at camp. Everyone seemed to lớn be having a great time collaborating & designing Minecraft worlds.- Ariel, mom of 13 year old camper

We combine a structured yet playful in-game experience with face-to-face Clip collaboration khổng lồ tackle challenging builds & adventures. Each session, staff và small teams of 3-6 campers will work within an open-ended theme such as “A Water-slide Across the Universe”, “Hidden Temples”, or “Dinner; A Six-Course Ride” khổng lồ thiết kế their own chất lượng world. Each session also tracks a new và unique storyline/adventure while they build. Creating tension và camaraderie as the teams fend off zombies, race against the incoming lava, or build against an essential deadline. Every session is unique, và campers are encouraged lớn come again and again!


"My son loves Project Ember, but I was dubious about whether the online camp could replicate his experience there in past years. <...> The Minecraft Camp turned out to lớn be a wonderful way to connect và experience many of the things that make hyên ổn love sầu Project Ember! He’s excited lớn do another week!"- Ashley, mom of 15yr old Camper
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Join us for a 6-Week Session or Daily Drop-In

Minecraft After-school

Like our summer program with even more adventure! Each Minecraft after-school worksiêu thị features a unique staff-created storyline that drives our building & sense of camaraderie và urgency! Whether trapped by Gorbatron, fending off zombies, or building a bridge khổng lồ connect và save two villages, each session is chất lượng, exciting, and challenging.

Like all of our Minecraft sessions, we use shared live-audio lớn help bring camaraderie to our social & collaborative sầu projects. Staffed at a 5-to-1 ratio, every camper is given a voice and a chance to make a big impact on the shared goals.

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Who: - Campers ages 9-15. - mở cửa to lớn all skill levels

Next Sessions Starts April 12th and 13th for six weeks,- Session A - Mondays & Wednesdays - April 12th - May 19th- Session B - Tuesdays & Thursdays - April 13th - May 20th- 4pm - 5:15pm

Tuition: Sliding Scale. - $340 or pay what you can

Fun & Games Drop-in

We have found that the games we play in Minecraft lớn connect between and during building time are often some of the campers" favorite parts of the day! They bring campers lớn life and bring us all closer together.

Our staff wanted to embrace how much fun we were having and offer an extra hour of camp every day, JUST fun và games. We dive sầu into a wide variety of silly, challenging, and social games all within the world of Minecraft. This is a drop-in class (come as often as you like, any day you like), but you must pre-register so we know lớn expect you.

Who: - Campers ages 9-15.- Previous Minecraft experience encouraged. The games can get a little complicated.

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When: - Currently happening!- Drop-in sessions every week. Monday-Friday from 3pm - 4pm. - Come any day of the week. Come any number of days!

Tuition: $đôi mươi per drop-in session or pay what you can

Requirements for all Minecraft Camps:

Mac or Windows computer with webcam & mic

Stable internet connection

Space to sit, st&, stretch and move sầu around.

New Players: For campers who have sầu never played Minecraft before, please be sure to watch this simple intro video clip và plan on attending one of our weekly Intro To Minecraft sessions. The intro sessions are Sundays from 3pm-4:30pm as needed and are totally free. They will make sure you first day of camp goes well!

Responding to lớn Demand: If we are lucky enough to sell out,please join the waitlists! We are intentionally starting with limited weeks, and spots available, và will be actively scaling camp to dem&. Joining the waitdanh mục is the best way to lớn let us know we can hire more staff, expvà lớn more weeks of summer, & open more spots for campers!

I loved it! It was fun to build & I had a fantastic time!-Annika, Age 9
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