Lỗi Failed To Patch Please Reinstall The Latest Game


Hello. Every time I try khổng lồ open Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, I receive sầu an error “Failed to lớn start Denuvo driver. Error code: 2148204812.” I am not sure what I can vì, so I would be grateful if you could help me with this. Thanks.

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Users typically receive Denuvo driver error 2148204812 on their Windows machines whenever they try lớn launch a game, such as Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 or Football Manager 2018. Nonetheless, some users reported that they received the error not only when launching games but also regular applications.

First of all, one might think that the Denuvo driver is a system or ứng dụng component that allows a better performance of certain hardware (this is usually the purpose of a driver<1> on a Windows computer). However, the Denuvo driver is actually a piece of software responsible for DRM (Digital Rights Management).

DRM is a type of protection measure that is implemented by software developers lớn prsự kiện piracy và unsolicited tampering with certain files or components of a program. Thus, for an phầm mềm to lớn be launched, the driver is meant lớn be initiated as well.

When something goes wrong, & it can't be launched, users might experience Denuvo driver error 2148204812 & would not be able lớn launch the game or phầm mềm.

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Speaking of reasons, there are several of those why players see this error. First of all, it could be software conflict (namely, Valorant's Vanguard anti-cheat engine). Thus, uninstalling it could solve sầu the issue. In other cases, the error could be a sign of software piracy. Many users who pirated games reported the error.

Additionally, users also experienced the same error code with a different message, namely, “A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer. Error code 2148204812. In this instance, the root cause of the issue differs completely, although it also has lớn vì chưng with the incorrect verification process of a certificate within a certain tiện ích. This error is more comtháng within corporate environments (there could be problems with the signature issuer), hence we are not going khổng lồ focus on it.

Once done, restart your PC.

Solution 4. Liên hệ game support

As we previously mentioned, if you are using an illegal version of an phầm mềm or a game, you won't find answers for that here, and this method will not work for you. Otherwise, contacting the technical tư vấn of the game that is not launching is one of the best solutions you can get.

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Every game has a technical support team that could be contacted in one way or another – emails are usually used. Thus, find a genuine tư vấn tin nhắn & write a message khổng lồ staff – you might have khổng lồ provide a game verification code/purchase receipt khổng lồ receive sầu the help, however.