Hitman: game of The Year Edition"s was recently released on GOG, but many are upset over its online DRM

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Yesterday, GOG responded to the continued backlash over Hitman’s use of online DRM. In a forum post responding khổng lồ the situation, a member of the GOG team explained that it was “looking into it and will be updating you in the coming weeks.”

dnppower.com.vn has reached out to GOG about this situation và what the storefront has planned to address player complaints.

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“In case you have purchased HITMAN & are not satisfied with the released version, you can use your right to lớn refund the game,” said GOG. “At the same time, while we’re xuất hiện for meritful discussion và feedback, we will not tolerate review bombing và will be removing posts that vì not follow our reviews guidelines.”

The community over at GOG wasn’t happy about this response, pointing out that many of the negative đánh giá just contain information and warnings not found on the game’s store page. The team at GOG further explained that those review won’t be removed, but didn’t share any other details about what will be removed.

Likewise, it’s unclear what can be done to make things right, considering how intertwined the online features of Hitman (2016) are with the game’s overall structure.