If Someone Has Hacked Ones Clash Of Clans Account And Connected His Supercell Id, Then What Should One Do To Get It?

My lvl 17 clan got hacked after 7 years by this guy R.I.P I only got the notification that I got kicked by him và everyone else did too anyone know if there’s a chance to get it

My lvl 17 clan got hacked after 7 years R.I.P All I got was the notification that me & everyone else in the clan got kicked out by this guy Does anyone know if there’s a chance to lớn it back already messaged supercell

Im pretty sure this happened to lớn me once và i contacted sc tư vấn and they were able to lớn get it back. They didnt literally mod it off of me i was just young và dumb and fell for their trick. But it does mean it could be possible to get the clan back. You wont be able to get all of its members back but you vì have a chance of getting the clan back


Happend to me too. My e-mail got hacked due to a breach on an internetsite. Passwords could be found on the internet. Some russian guy got lớn my email and my COC account. Kicked everybody in the clan. Just get in cảm ứng with tư vấn and say your trương mục is hacked.

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Y’all have to be giving out ur information khổng lồ strangers or something cus I see people getting clans stolen & accs hacked everyday on this sub

nah it’s just really easy to gian lận stuff here. I wouldn’t know, but judging off how often it happens, i wouldn’t be surprised.

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The "hacker" is most likely social engineering SC tư vấn by convincing them to lớn change the leader's email to his own thư điện tử address. Though it's possible he found the leader's e-mail address somewhere like on discord or this subdnppower.com.vn, and then did a tìm kiếm for that e-mail account on known hacked databases. It's best to liên kết your SCID's with thư điện tử accounts that you don't use for anything else.

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If only there was a havker on this sub that would gian lận the clan to lớn give the leadership back to its rightfull owner

There are definitely people who could vày that for money, though it is illegal and OP shouldn't bởi vì that because he can get in trouble for it

Had the same last week. Lost our C3 clan for CWL. Send two requests lớn SuperCell, but no response after a week. I'm not sure what their normal response time is.


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