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Age of Empires: Castle Siege was originally released by Microsoft for Windows & Windows Phone devices, but there an ios version is now available for iPhone & iPad users. The trò chơi is part of the long-running & popular Age of Empires franchise, and in this điện thoại title, you get to lớn guide your empire through the medieval era. You can choose from any one of several civilizations, & once you’ve gotten started, you can nâng cấp your base, your troops, và your walls, attack the enemy, và defend your post against your rivals. You can also research technology, fight historical battles, & recruit some of history’s most recognizable heroes of the era.

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Regardless of whether you’re an Age of Empires veteran or not, we believe that our Age of Empires: Castle Siege cheats and strategy guide will help you in running your empire. Here’s the first part of our two-part series of Age of Empires: Castle Siege tips và tricks.

1. Spend Your Gold Wisely

It’s very, very tempting to lớn spend gold early on, but you would actually want to lớn save it for the proverbial rainy day. This would typically be after Age 5 or Age 6, as it would be at those points in the game where you’ll be under the gun và needing lớn finish construction on buildings khổng lồ protect your base from attackers.

2. Prioritize Building Walls Early On

The walls are the anchor of your defense, & before you spend your resources on new buildings or upgrading existing ones, you should always make sure that your base has walls surrounding it. This will protect your base from looters, thus allowing you to save on resources as well.

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3. Protect Your Resource Storage Buildings & Towers With Walls

Sounds similar to the above tip? Actually it isn’t. That’s because it isn’t enough to lớn build walls around your city – you should also wall your resource storage buildings và your towers. Enemies will typically go for your towers before anything else, và of course they’ll want lớn go for your storage buildings khổng lồ steal your resources. In relation to lớn this, we suggest building resource storage buildings & towers close together.

4. Build Siege Of Workshop and Hall Of Heroes

These are two important buildings that frequently get overlooked, especially by newer players. It is indeed essential khổng lồ build these two structures the very moment you could. The first building matters because it will allow you khổng lồ control the Byzantine hero Belasirius, whose special skill is tunneling under walls & subsequently destroying them from within. The latter would allow you to lớn unlock powerful catapults và trebuchets, which could be very useful in breaking walls down.

5. Build The Hippodrome Of Constantinople

While it may sound like a good idea to lớn work on your barracks or other military-related buildings, you should also build the Hippodrome of Constantinople as soon as possible. Building it would unlock more powerful troops that you won’t be unable khổng lồ unlock with your barracks alone. For example, if you’re controlling the Britons, you’ll get longbowmen, while you’ll get knight templars, if you’re in control of the Franks.

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Want some more tips for the game? Read our advanced tips, tricks & strategies for Age of Empires: Castle Siege that will help you leading your empire to lớn glory.



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