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I'm new to Grand Theft Auto lớn 5, having never owned any previous version. Friends and I want to play coop & do things online. The stuff online is reallly poor for me lớn figure out how GTA online actually works.

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In some cases it's an online open world; which implies it is a single online persisted world, for up to 30 random characters, và in others, it says it's crew based for a single group of players.

I want khổng lồ create a single coop online world experience for just me & my friends và no others. Is that possible? How vày I bởi it?

The truth is, my friends don't want lớn fork out $$ for GTA5 unless we can play coop online with just our group. I ventured inkhổng lồ the game khổng lồ kiểm tra this all out.

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cấp độ 1Why doesn't anyone google this shit!?5 years agoJust lượt thích dude said above sầu, you can play in a public lobby where anyone can come and go, a crew based lobby (only people in your crew can join), a friover only lobby (only your friends can join), or an invite only session where only those people you invite can join. All of these room types support up to 30 players. All of these look identical and offer the same functionality.

When you break inkhổng lồ jobs (deathmatches, races, heists, etc) those will have different limitations for the number of people depending on the task. You can launch the same jobs from any room type. The only limitation that has exisited so far is during "special events" (only a handful of these have sầu existed since the launch in 2013) special items might not spawn in the world unless you have sầu 4 or more players or are in a public session.

Now go pressure your buddies khổng lồ open their wallets và join in on the fun.

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Oh they are watching this thread ... I'll muscle em for the $$

2ShareReportSavecấp độ 1Little Jacob5 years ago

So, you want lớn play Online, in a closed session with friends? you literally just host an invite only session, pause>Online>invite only, you can only host an invite only session from SP.

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People. He's asking how khổng lồ do coop.

OPhường, there isn't really a 'single' cooperative experience.

There are missions you can vị together, jobs you can vị together, và there are heists you can vì together. Each of these things can be cooperative sầu in their own way. Heists, missions, & jobs are all cooperative experiences - the most 'story mode' cooperative sầu experiences are probably Heists because it takes longer to lớn vày these, & there are special tasks for each person on a Heist.

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Google GTA 5 coop missions for more information on these different kind cooperative experiences. I was right there with ya in trying to underst& the many things you can do in this game. Unfortunately, the only way khổng lồ figure this all out is read very extensive sầu guides online. Wish there was some kind of in-game learning experience for this, but it is very minimal in this regard.