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The acronym GG is popular in online gaming communities. adamkaz/Getty Images

There"s no documented case of the first time GG was used, but there"s little doubt that the acronym started aước ao gamers in the late 1990s, when online multiplayer games first began to gain popularity. It didn"t take long for the phrase to lớn become customary among polite players at the kết thúc of a match.

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These days, it"s used in nearly every online game that has text or voice chat. Games lượt thích "Rocket League" even have sầu it as a Quiông chồng Chat option, meaning that you can just press a button lớn have the game type and skết thúc "GG" for you.

In "League of Legends," saying GG after your matches can earn you "Honors." These Honors, given lớn players that others love khổng lồ play with, can earn you special or exclusive sầu rewards.

Variations on GG

The GG abbreviation has evolved over the years, & there are several comtháng variations in use today.

Here are the ones you"re most likely to encounter:

GG WP means "good game, well played." This is a common compliment that either the winner or loser of a game can give their opponent khổng lồ graciously recognize their skills.

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GL HF means "good luck, have sầu fun." This one is used at the start of the match instead of the kết thúc, & has a pretty obvious meaning — it"s used khổng lồ start the game on a positive sầu note by wishing your opponent luck.GG NO RE means "good game, no rematch." It"s usually typed by the loser of a one-sided game, saying, in other words, "I was beaten so badly that I don"t even want to lớn try again."GG EZ means "good game, easy." This is usually said khổng lồ insult a losing opponent after you win — in other words, "It was a good game because it was so easy lớn win." Of course, like most mạng internet slang, there are also nuances. The loser of a match might say it in a self-deprecating way, or as a subtle compliment to lớn the winner.

It"s become comtháng khổng lồ say GG in real life as well, especially if you"re playing a multiplayer game with someone in the same room. Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

But while this is GG"s most comtháng use, gamers have sầu found other ways lớn use the acronym, often turning its meaning on its head. For example, using "GG" at the start of a game is generally seen as bad sportsmanship – the player is goading the opponent, implying that the game will be so easy that it"s basically over before it begins.

Similarly, GG can be used after a particularly bad moment in a game. If your opponent misplays or messes up, making it easier for you to win, saying "GG" can be seen as sarcastic and rude.

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In recent years, "GG" has moved beyond gaming và is now used in real life as well. That means there"s all sorts of situations in which you"ll hear someone use the phrase, or you"ll have sầu the chance khổng lồ use it yourself.

For example:

GG is usually said at the over of a multiplayer game. Both the winner & loser can write or say "GG," which can be followed up with a compliment or observation. For example, "GG, you almost had me near the kết thúc," or "GG, I never saw you coming."You can use "GG" at the end of real life games like golf, tennis, or poker. Just be aware that if you"re talking with people who don"t play Clip games, they might not know what you"re talking about.
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