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In Their Own Words (Part 1) I ask my friends và fraternity brothers the immortal question: "What are you doing this…


now I"m also writing a game for the Assassins" Guild. Finally, I ... Of a sentence significantly affects processing time."Keone Hon "11
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CPW 4 U What you should vị at CPW, assuming you like exactly the same things that I…


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I Really Just Cannot Write Anymore of My Thesis I wish I can bang out essays like blog entries.

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dormspam-the-game (Part 3) parting remarks from no-longer-anonymous gamemasters


little thing called dormspam-the-game, an MIT-wide competition with 452 different players across all of campus. This competition had various “game ... . If you"re still hungry for more details on this wacky game, never fear

It"s been a pretty rough week, so I took a break and drew out my struggles. For some reason (mostly the fact that I"m a truyền thông dork at heart), a clip game metaphor was easiest lớn conceptualize in comic form, so enjoy
that was meant for babies“I"m just not feeling this game...”opens up another game“Really not feeling this game...”browses entire danh sách of games“You know, I just might be depressed.”“could a
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My First Academic Conference và also things I have learned about publishing research in the past few months

researchers và professionals across all areas of play, games and human ... Now (making games is hard oops). It derives from my grad student"s research on playing creativity games with robots, and she"s written a few
your problem sets. Punt your problem sets. Play board games.Apply for ... Internship. Celebrate by playing board games.Tell all your friends about it ... , literally everyone you can about it. Punt the decision và play board games
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N.Y. Times, Page B11: “MIT Guard Shows Brains & Hoops Can Mix” Jimmy Bartolotta "09 leads the 16-5 MIT Men"s Varsity Basketball team.

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tomorrow, being stomped game after game by teams filled with dumb jocks. But ... .8 points a game, best in the New England Men’s và Women’s Athletics
’s a very silly gamePart 3: The why gameFree candyOn grasping scaleThe why gamegame Celeste
patterns. Pawn takes, knight takes back, bishop takes. It"s a game of who ... . I remember playing a chess game last night. My rook và queen got ... . Why was I embarrassed for losing a chess game with no stakes nor
"t ultimately matter :)13. Watch a varsity game - sadly, most MIT students don"t really tư vấn their thể thao teams by watching the trang chủ games, even though we ... "ve caught bits & pieces of games through my four years here but never
, they really did—wheeled in old-school arcade games, paid for limitless ... Had just lost a game of Pac-Man. For a fleeting second, it was all I ... Up a new game. I imagined Pac-Man, endlessly swerving about his maze
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REX at Random Hall Pancakes, LN2 ice cream, board games, game theory, math, raves, staying up entirely too late,…

a laid-back game that gives you a great chance lớn socialize while you ... For 77 Kelvins.15:17 - 16:17Game Theory và ChocolateDo you like game theory? vị you lượt thích chocolate? vì you like learning about some
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MacGyvering Bacon-tine’s Day decathlon brought khổng lồ you by a paperback, a sledgehammer, và a scooter

, likes/dislikes, means of socialization, etc. Were all fair game. The ... Bros & other games...but choices were definitely made in the process
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There are a lot of awesome things named ‘Kaiser’ This post mainly consists of drawings of my professor, sentence fragments, & my over-use of…

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This Bathroom Ceiling Some science, some fiction: traverse the space and time of our bathroom ceiling.

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game Star Control II (which came out the year I was born), painted by Capen L. ‘09. The screenshot of the game is from Wikipedia.Specimen 656E ... Autumn, two covenant ships, & the space station the game is named after
MIT AdmissionsAt MIT Admissions, we recruit và enroll a talented & diverse class of undergraduates who will learn khổng lồ use science, technology, và other areas of scholarship to lớn serve the nation và the world in the 21st century.

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