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Santa Monica Studio’s God of War 3 PC Game is an action-adventure video game. SCE, or Sony Computer Entertainment, was finally in charge of publishing the game. It was first released on March 16, 2010, for the PS3 (PlayStation 3).

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This is the fifth installment in the God of War series, which is the seventh chronologically and the last in the Greek era franchise. It is also a sequel to God of War-2, which was released in 2007. It is set in ancient Greece and is based on Greek mythology in various ways. This game’s sole goal is vengeance.

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God of War 3’s Features

What is The Plot of God of War 3?

The players and Kratos, who are regarded as an early God of War after being betrayed by Zeus, his father, and the King of Olympian Gods, control the protagonist. It sparked the Great War, in which Kratos ascended Mount Olympus until Titan Gaia abandoned him. The spirit of Athena serves as a game guide, assisting Kratos in combating monsters, Titans, and Gods in his quest to find Pandora, which is essential for him to open Pandora’s box, defeat Zeus, and end the Olympian gods’ era.

Many prestigious honors were bestowed upon the game, including “Most anticipated game of 2010,” “Best game for PlayStation 3” in the 2009 and 2010 Spike Awards for video games, and “Best artistic accomplishment award” at the 2011 BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award ceremony. The second best-selling game in the series had a high demand in the market, with about 5.2 million copies sold.

How old is Kratos

In God Of War, Kratos is over 1000 years old.

Based on those two dates and the assumption that Kratos is in his 30s at the time of God Of War I, Kratos is roughly 1050 years old at the start of God Of War II (2018).


The gameplay in this game is similar to that of previous editions, focusing on combination combat with the use of the players’ main weapon, the Blades of Exile, and secondary weapons acquired throughout the game. It employs quick-time events, in which the player must beat bosses and prospective opponents in a precise order.

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As a substitute for battle, the player can employ four wizardry attacks as well as a power-up ability, and there are intriguing features such as platforming and riddles. God of War-3 offers a revised magic mechanism, various opponents and new editions, fresh camera angles, and easy-to-download content in comparison to previous editions.

God of War 3’s Features



This game contains a large number of magic tricks. The Spartan army, Soul Summon, Divine Reckoning, and other tricks are among them. Blades of Exile are used by the Army of Sparta, and Claws of Hades are used by Soul Summon.

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Blades of Exile, claws of Hades, blades of Athena, blades of Olympus, Nemesis Whip, and Nepean Cestus are just a few of the new weapons available in this game. All of these weapons are quite enticing and attractive, and they were not included in any previous edition. There are many more weapons in this game, but the ones listed below are noteworthy and can enhance your gameplay experience.



Sparta’s Rage, Poseidon’s Trident, Icarus Wings, and Boreas’ Icestorm are just a few of the relics in the game. Kratos uses the Fury of Sparta rage modal. It resembles the previous editions of the game series’ Rage of Titans and Rage of Gods.

Heavenly Possession


Godly possessions are another name for heavenly possessions. These are mystical items that were formerly consecrated to the gods and can now be found hidden in various locations throughout the game series. Once you’ve found these items, you can use them when playing the game again. Aphrodite’s Garter, Hephaestus’ Ring, Hera’s Chalice, Hades Helm, and so on are examples of such treasures.



The props you obtain are the best part of this game. Helios’ head, Apollo’s bow, and Hermes’ boots are among the props available.Head of Helios is the God of the Sun.Kratos uses this to blind his opponents, illuminate all gloomy areas, and reveal all secrets.

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When the God of War 3 PC game was released, it received positive reviews, with one reviewer known asIGN, praising the game’s redefinition of scaling in video games. It was praised for its aesthetics, particularly Kratos, which was dubbed “the most attractive video game ever” by IGN.

God of War 3 PC Game Download

Name: God of War 3

Initial Release Date: 16 March 2010

Designer: Todd Papy

Series: God of War

Awards: VGX Award for Best Badass, VGX Award for Best PS3 Game, BAFTA Games Award for Artistic Achievement