Final fantasy xv pocket edition

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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition
Square Enix

Android 5.0
August 20, 20trăng tròn (1 year ago)

After a long time developing ideas and experimenting, the exciting role-playing game Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition by Square Enix is available on both iOS và Android điện thoại platforms. Although it started testing last year, until February 2018, this game is officially available globally.

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Table of contentsAbout Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

About Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

The game plot

This game is a fantasy story revolves around young prince named Noctis và his friends. The game opens with a big fire, and the game slowly unfolds in the kingdom. You will follow Noctis on a journey full of adventure, fight, rescue people and kingdom from the evilest forces.


If you think this game is too big for a mobile device, or if it is a step baông xã from Square Enix then you will probably have to think again. Instead of building the entire FFXV world, this game focuses on the linear plot. It’s better suited for RPG genre enthusiasts and has less time.

game Play is innovative

No more an open world, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is much smaller và simpler but offers more Final Fantasy feel for the bạn. This game is divided inlớn several chapters, and you can play không tính phí in the first chapter of it. The next two chapters are priced at $ 0.99 / chapter, followed by $ 3.99 / chapter. Or, if you want lớn buy a full game, you’ll need khổng lồ spover $ 19.99.


The fighting mechanism of this game has been refreshed, changed completely from the console version. Still based on the action, but Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition brings you, or any other player feel much better when controlled by touch. Battle scenes take place from an elevated viewpoint, giving you a more general look, proper locations, characters và monsters around. Just focus on character control, the rest will be optimized games và automation.

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Specifically, attacks can be launched easily, as you only need to lớn move sầu closer khổng lồ the enemy and your character will attaông xã automatically. You can launch special attacks, dodge, etc. It’s much easier than it was for the original version, but it can still turn into lớn a challenge when bosses The strongest in the game appears.

You can fight for an AP, which is used to unloông xã new abilities for your character, increasing stats và combos. Anyway, AP also gives you some customizable abilities for your own character.

The kiến thiết has a breakthrough


What I find most unexpected is the design style of the game. Funny graphics, combining classic and modern is the biggest highlight of the game. Familiar characters in the world of Final Fantasy have sầu become the ones he looks really xinh tươi, chibi-style. A smart innovation, refreshing the game và at the same time make the game more compact và smoother. In addition to lớn the other details, Square Enix has too much experience in production so I vày not discuss further.

Download Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition APK for Android

And I think that whether you have played the original version or not, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition really left a lot of impressions. A quiông chồng và concise story of favourite characters. A compliment, a difference enough lớn make it more interesting, is consistent with the thiết bị di động device for the purpose that this game is produced.

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This game has two versions. One for Android & one for iOS. Hope you enjoy this exciting và emotional role-playing adventure game. To myself, I’ve been waiting for this game for so long, so I’ll play the game now. If you also want to lớn play lượt thích me, you can tải về Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition via the link below.