The Latest Dream League Soccer Real Madrid Kits 2023 in 512×512 kích thước just uploaded on the DLS kits hub. Today in this article, we have the custom kits, logo, và much more stuff about the Real Madrid team.

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If you are looking for custom kits for all DLS teams then follow our website và get your desired team kit.

Dream League Soccer Real Madrid Kits 2023

We have all Real Madrid DLS kits from 2018 to 2023 with import URLs and images as well. If you want to kiểm tra the previous year’s kits tìm kiếm on our website và you will get them as well. For the latest kits and logo below, we listed them.

Logos of the teams are also available here for only branding purposes in the recommended size. If you need any custom kits with your own kiến thiết please let us know in the comments.

Real Madrid trang chủ Kits


Real Madrid biểu tượng logo URL


Real Madrid Kits 512×512 2023

The 512×512 Real Madrid kits are used in-game khổng lồ play it properly. Otherwise, on the internet, you will get smaller-sized kits that are not even imported into the game. So, trust our designers & also check your own the kits on our site are in the recommended 512×512 size.

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All the home, always and their goalkeeper kits with URLs are updated daily. Stay tuned!

About Team

The Real Madrid team is founded in 1902, March in Spain, it is also known as a Spanish professional football club or Real Madrid Club de Fútbol. People love khổng lồ watch every match of this team and in the Modern era, people play soccer games on their mobile devices with this team.

Now let’s discuss the titles & other achievements of the team lớn build your interest more. The Real Madrid team won many domestic football cups, 30 plus La Liga titles, 10 plus Supercopa de España titles, và much more. Basically, UEFA Championship, La Liga, và Copa Del Rey are the league’s main leagues where the Real Madrid club performed very well.

Import Real Madrid Kits 2023 – Guide

If you face problems and errors while importing the kits in the trò chơi then vị not panic và follow the steps. When you follow these steps you will be able to import the kits into the trò chơi easily without any problem.

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Search for your desired kits on our website.Then find the 512×512 px kits & Logo URL.Open the URL và you will find the Kits image.Now, mở cửa the Dream League Soccer game on your game android or game ios device.Select MY CLUB in the thực đơn bar sectionHere you can find the option Customize TEAM, click on it.Select the hình ảnh sản phẩm Edit or Kit Edit option.On that screen, you can get an option khổng lồ Download, và select it.The URL insert space appears, put the URL in it (which you copy from our website)Finally, Select the Confirm option and the Kit or biểu tượng logo will automatically import.

Here we hope you like the DLS Real Madrid kits 2023, for more kits và logos Subscribe to lớn enable không tính phí notifications from us. Thanks!