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Developer: Telltale GamesRelease date: 2012Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: AdventureVersion: Full Game

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The Walking Dead (also known as The Walking Dead: The Game & The Walking Dead: Season One) is an episodic adventure đoạn phim game developed and published by Telltale Games. Based on The Walking Dead comic book series, the game consists of five episodes, released between April và November 2012. It is available for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire HDX, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Ouya, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, và Nintendo Switch. The game is the first of The Walking Dead đoạn phim game series published by Telltale.

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The game takes place in the same fictional world as the comic, with events occurring shortly after the onset of the zombie apocalypse in Georgia. However, most of the characters are original lớn the game, which centers on university professor & convicted criminal Lee Everett, who rescues & subsequently takes care of a young girl named Clementine. Lee becomes a protective figure khổng lồ her khổng lồ help reunite her with her parents. Kirkman provided oversight for the game"s story to lớn ensure it corresponded to the tone of the comic, but allowed Telltale khổng lồ handle the bulk of the developmental work & story specifics. Some characters from the original comic book series also make in-game appearances.

Unlike many graphic adventure games, The Walking Dead does not emphasize puzzle solving, but instead focuses on story and character development. The story is affected by both the dialogue choices of the player & their actions during quick time events, which can often lead to, for example, certain characters being killed, or an adverse change in the disposition of a certain character or characters towards Lee. The choices made by the player carry over from episode lớn episode. Choices were tracked by Telltale, and used to lớn influence their writing in later episodes.

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The Walking Dead has been critically acclaimed, with reviewers praising the harsh emotional tone of the story and the empathetic connection established between Lee and Clementine. It won year-end accolades, including trò chơi of the Year awards from several gaming publications & is considered to be one of the greatest đoạn phim games of all time. More than one million chất lượng players have purchased at least one episode from the series, with over 8.5 million individual units sold by the kết thúc of 2012, & its success has been seen as constituting a revitalization of the weakened adventure trò chơi genre. In July 2013, Telltale released an additional downloadable episode, 400 Days, khổng lồ extend the first season & bridge the gap towards Telltale"s second season, released later that year. Season 3 and Season 4 of The Walking Dead were released in năm 2016 and 2018, respectively.

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The Walking Dead is a graphic adventure, played from a third-person perspective with a variety of cinematic camera angles, in which the player, as protagonist Lee Everett, works with a rag-tag group of survivors to lớn stay alive in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The player can examine và interact with characters & items, & must make use of inventory items và the environment. Throughout the game, the player is presented with the ability to lớn interact with their surroundings, and options lớn determine the nature of that interaction. For example, the player may be able lớn look at a character, talk lớn that character, or if they are carrying an item, offer it lớn the character or ask them about it. According lớn Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead game is focused more on developing characters & story, & less on the action tropes that tend lớn feature in other zombie-based games, such as Left 4 Dead.

Some parts of the game require timed responses from the player, often leading to lớn significant decisions that will impact the game"s story, in the manner of role-playing games (RPGs). Some conversation trees require the player khổng lồ make a selection within a limited time, otherwise Lee will remain quiet, which can affect how other characters respond to him. Unlike in other RPGs such as the Mass Effect or Fallout series, where choices fall on either side of a "good or evil" scale, the choices within The Walking Dead have ambiguous results, having an effect on the attitude of the non-player characters towards Lee. The player can opt to enable a "choice notification" feature, in which the game"s interface indicates that a character has changed their disposition towards Lee as a result of these choices. In more action-based sequences, the player must follow on-screen prompts for quick time events (QTEs) so as khổng lồ keep themselves or other characters alive. If the player dies, the game restarts from just prior to the QTE. Other timed situations involve major decisions, such as choosing which of two characters to lớn keep alive.

Each episode contains five points where the player must make a significant decision, choosing from one of two available options. Through Telltale"s servers, the game tracks how many players selected which option và lets the player compare their choices to lớn the rest of the player base. The trò chơi can be completed regardless of what choices are made in these situations; the main events of the story, as described below, will continue regardless of what choices are made, but the presence and behavior of the non-player characters in later scenes will be affected by these choices. The game does allow the player to lớn make multiple saves, và includes a "rewind" feature where the player can back up and alter a previous decision, thus facilitating the exploration of alternative choices.

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The Walking Dead occurs simultaneously with the events from the original comic series, where a zombie apocalypse overwhelms much of society. Characters in the trò chơi come to hotline the zombies "walkers", due lớn the slowness of their movement. Although the survivors initially think that being bitten by a zombie is the only way khổng lồ become infected, it is later discovered that one becomes a zombie upon death irrespective of the manner in which one dies; only by damaging the brain can the reanimation be stopped. As with the comic và television series, the game"s events occur in the state of Georgia.