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Hi, There you can tải về dnppower.com.vn tệp tin "Xiangqi" for Android không tính phí, dnppower.com.vn tệp tin version is 3.3.7 to lớn download khổng lồ your app android device just cliông chồng this button. It"s easy & warranty. We provide only original game android files. If any of materials on this site violates your rights, report us

Xiangqi - Play and Learn is a game for two people to lớn compete on a chess board with balanced moves. Playing Xiangqi is not easy because it requires intelligence and judgment khổng lồ win. The Xiangqi board is really a lively battlefield with full of troops on the battlefield. Exciting, suspenseful but also full of entertainment. Therefore, Xiangqi games are increasingly popular with users around the world. Through the game of Xiangqi, be the talented leader lớn win the final victory. Let us help you make the best chess games! Feature: 1. Supports three different Xiangqi game modes: - Play against the machine - intelligent support with many levels from easy khổng lồ difficult. - Offline 2 player mode. - Arrange chess pieces (A menu of Chess available with more than 3000 positions). 2. Reviews the previously played chess game 3. Align thinking time 4. Can adjust the move sầu of the chess pieces 5. Beautiful interface, simple, easy lớn use 6. Instructions for moving chess pieces 7. Support finding the most optimal & smart move when playing with the machine 8. Show các mục & Đánh Giá previous moves 9. Show timers every time a piece is moving 10. Languages: English, Vietnamese, Chinese Thank you for using our sản phẩm. Having fun!

- Fixed the error of the computer showing consecutively & then losing the player from Professional 1.- Fixed some Unvì errors at the over of the game in the Create Puzzle.- Fix game crash when playing in the Endtrò chơi.

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- Allows unvị at the end of the game in the create puzzle.- I prefer khổng lồ spover more time thinking about the machine.- Fixed some minor bugs.

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- Decreased difficulty in easy levels.- Fix the case when the machine does not go out of time.- Reduced thinking time at 'Champion' màn chơi if network is enabled (Network should be turned on to lớn make the machine smarter).- Integrated remove ads.- Increased game stability.

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- Tăng độ cực nhọc của engine đối với phiên bản 3.3.0. (Với cấp độ 'Vô Địch' cần nhảy mạng đang tăng cường mức độ nặng nề hơn)- Thêm kĩ năng xoá quảng bá.- Thêm tuỳ chọn dịch chuyển con bài nhanh hao.- Sửa lỗi một vài ba lỗi rất lớn.
- Sửa lỗi ko thiết lập được âm thanh khô, nhạc nền.- Chỉnh sửa lại vận tốc dịch rời quân cờ mang đến tương xứng rộng.(Cám ơn bạn Pham Van Tin, Đặng Tkhô giòn Quốc Trung đang góp ý)