Types of crowd control


In League of Legends, hundreds of types of abilities have crowd control, or CC, effects that can impact other units. The amount of control the targeted unit has over its ability to lớn move, attack, cast spells, or reduce items will be diminished lớn varying degrees by crowd control effects.

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It can be difficult lớn keep up with or learn everything there is to lớn know if you’re a new player because there are hundreds of crowd control abilities dispersed across the vast roster of champions. Understanding the various crowd control impacts’ classifications và types is crucial.


Additionally, there are also four types of Forced action Crowd Control:

Berserk: Unit will attempt to lớn attack a nearby unit regardless of its target’s status. The unit cannot control attacks, movement, và casting.

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Charm: Unit is forced to move forward to the source of the charm. The unit is slowed, và cannot control attacks, movement, and casting.Flee: Unit is forced lớn move directly away from the source of the flee. The unit is slowed, và cannot control attacks, movement, & casting.

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Taunt: Unit is taunted lớn attack the source of the taunt. The unit is slowed, and cannot control attacks, movement, and casting.