border border (bôrʹdər) noun1.A part that forms the outer edge of something. 2.A decorative strip around the edge of something, such as fabric. 3.A strip of ground, as at the edge of a garden or walk, in which ornamental plants or shrubs are planted. 4.The line or frontier area separating political divisions or geographic regions; a boundary. verbbordered, bordering, bordersverb, transitive1.To put a border on. 2.To lie along or adjacent to the border of: Canada borders the United States. verb, intransitive1.To lie adjacent to another: The United States borders on Canada. 2.To be almost like another in character: an act that borders on heroism. borʹderer nounSynonyms: border, margin, edge, verge, brink, rim, brim. All these nouns refer to the line or narrow area that marks the outside limit of something such as a surface. Border refers either to the boundary line (erected a fence along the border of the property) or to the area that is immediately inside the boundary (a picture frame with a wide border). Margin is a border of more or less precisely definable width that is often distinguishable in other respects from the rest of the surface: a boathouse near the margin of the pond; the margin of a little clearing in the forest. Edge refers specifically to the precise bounding line formed by the continuous convergence of two surfaces: sat on the edge of the chair. Verge is an extreme terminating line or edge (the sun"s afterglow on the verge of the horizon); figuratively it indicates a point at which something is likely to begin or to happen (an explorer on the verge of a great discovery). Brink denotes the edge of a steep place (stood on the brink of the cliff); in an extended sense it indicates the likelihood or imminence of a sudden change (on the brink of falling in love). Rim most often denotes the edge of something, such as a wheel, that is circular or curved: a crack in the rim of the lens. Brim applies to the upper edge or inner side of the rim of a container, such as a cup, or of something shaped like a basin: lava issuing from the brim of the crater. See also synonyms at boundary.

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borderborder(n) frontier, borderline, boundary, state line edge, limit, boundary, margin, rim, edging, frame, perimeter, periphery, circumferenceantonym: centerflowerbed, bed, shrub border, herbaceous border border(v) abut, be next to, touch, border on, adjoin, conjoin (formal), fringe, skirt, be bounded by, run alongside, be adjacent to