How Do You Use Autoclicker Android No Root?


Autoclickeris an No-Root effective sầu tool for Android, which helps you repeateadly cliông chồng the screen at any places và any interval you would like it to work. It doesn't require root. Autoclicker supports mutiple cliông chồng points up khổng lồ 50.

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What's more, AutoClicker runs as a floating ibé above apps so it easily control the clicks. The coordinates of each cliông xã can be saved for each tiện ích even including the cliông xã interval and number of clicks data. There is NO Ban on Autoclicker as it is above sầu on apps and doesn't change anything inside apps. Moreover, AutoClicker features anti-detection mechanism khổng lồ protect.You definitely expect lớn enjoy Autoclicker lớn make your life better. In the following part we will demonstrate it.

How vì chưng you Use AutoClicker Android No Root?(Android Autoclicker Guide)

1. Install và open Game Bots Appto lớn get AutoClicker.

Game Bots is an integrated app for various game robots. There are COC Bot, Hay Day Bot & Summoners War Bot và more for users.


2. Grant floating windowandaccessibilitypermissions khổng lồ make Autoclicker run over apps you wnat.

After you tap”Get”button near AutoClicker, it will pop up a notice about floating window permissions. Tap”Authorize now”& turn on the permissions of Game Bots. Then come back lớn allow another permissions once again. Otherwise, Autoclicker won't work on apps.



3. A floating inhỏ appears.

There will be a trò chơi Bots floating icon on the screen. It means you can use AutoClicker now.


4. xuất hiện apps you would like to apply Autoclicker.

We use Coin Master for example.

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5. Set and run AutoClicker.

Tap Game Bot floating icon and phối the number of clicks positions you need and the delay time.

Enter the number of clicks và press "Run" to exedễ thương the change & come bachồng to change the delay time.

Delay time means after how much time you want AutoCliker clicks the screen automatically. Here we set 1 click position and 4000ms delay time.


6. Select the locations tapped automatically.

There will be directions from Autoclicker to tell you select the locations you want khổng lồ be tapped automatically. Here we need AutoClicker to tap "Spin" button.


7. After setting the locations of clicks and tap anywhere khổng lồ run the AutoClicker.

After setting the locations of clicks, Autoclicker will tell you it is phối successfuly. And then you need lớn tap anywhere on screens to lớn activate it.


Now it will automatically tap spin button. If you want khổng lồ stop AutoClicker, tap trò chơi Bots floating icon and it will stop.

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As there are different usages on Autoclicker, we only demonstrate a simple one. if you want to lớn know more details on how lớn set it & what the functions of Autoclicker, please check 【About】on its panel.